Why become a restaurant partner?

The Flavvr mobile application was built with the restaurant in mind. Simple, adaptable, and effective, Flavvr attracts new diners and offers an effective marketing channel. Flavvr highlights each restaurant’s unique qualities and wins loyal diners.

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Flavvr provides hassle-free setup with no sign-up costs, transaction fees, or necessary system integrations. Unlike restrictive discount programs, Flavvr’s Restaurant Partners have the flexibility to tailor promotions to their needs.


Flavvr makes reaching and retaining new diners easy. Flavvr’s in-app alerts allow you to communicate directly with diners. Send a push notification through the Flavvr app and watch your target audience start pouring in.


Flavvr’s recurring offers mean our restaurant partners see sustainable growth and capture data on customer demographics, real-time feedback, and other insights needed to grow your business.

Ready to sign up?

Becoming a Restaurant Partner is as easy as signing a 90-day contract and providing content for the mobile application, including a description, photos and contact information. Flavvr works alongside restaurant partners to choose promotions, frequency, and more. From there, Flavvr takes care of the hard stuff and restaurants can get back to focusing on what they love.

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