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Save Money

From BOGOs to percentage discounts, Flavvr gives diners instant savings. No gimmicks. No hoops to jump through.

Explore More Restaurants

Flavvr shows you nearby restaurants, their offers, and what other Flavvr members love about them.

Just For You

After just a few meals, Flavvr keeps you coming back with mouthwatering suggestions and highlights new spots based on your location.

Get your first 30 days free!

After that, it’s just $8.99 a month. The cost of a subscription can be covered in just one meal. Seriously. Flavvr suggests new restaurants based on what you love and more are added each day. With Flavvr, you’ll never run out of offers.

The Flavvr experience is simple! Here’s how it works:


Diners download the app and create a profile about who they are and what they love to eat.


Flavvr members are introduced to our Restaurant Partners based on their preferences.


At the end of each meal, diners present servers with the Flavvr offer on their smartphone.


Through the app, servers redeem the promotion and enter in the corresponding code.


Bills are adjusted when the server enters in the promotional code into the restaurant’s Point of Sale system.