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From special promotions like discounts and offers, to Members-only experiences like tastings and tours, Flavvr gives Members more for their membership fee. No gimmicks. No hoops to jump through.

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Flavvr shows you nearby food and drink establishments, their offers, and what other Flavvr Members love about them.

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Like a good friend, we’ll suggest new spots, make mouthwatering suggestions, and provide you with Members-only experiences such as tastings, happy hours and tours.

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After that, it’s just $8.99 a month. The cost of a Membership can be covered in just one experience. Seriously. Flavvr suggests new establishments based on what you love and more are added every week. With Flavvr, you’ll never run out of great spots to enjoy.

The Flavvr experience is simple! Here’s how it works:


Download the app and create your profile.


Browse nearby Partner establishment and their Flavvr-only promotions.


Let our Partner know you’re a Flavvr Member before you order.


Present the app to your server/host, and they will verify and adjust your bill.


Simply pay your bill and rate your experience on Flavvr.