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Flavvr visits the Mid-America Restaurant Expo!

Recently, the Flavvr team visited the Mid-America Restaurant Expo, presented by the Ohio Restaurant Association. We had a fantastic time getting to interact with hundreds of people from every corner of our industry. We were struck by just how many people are dedicated to serving the restaurant community.

Here’s the biggest takeaway that we had: Flavvr has a lot to offer the restaurant world.

Those who interacted with us at our booth seemed a little bit surprised. A free marketing service for restaurants? Sure, that sounds great, but what’s our catch? Where’s the hidden fee? We’ll tell you the same thing we told them. There is no catch.

At Flavvr, we understand that restaurants don’t have massive marketing budgets. The margins can be slim, so when it comes down to paying your employee or putting out an ad, you need to do what’s right for the employee. So, what can restaurants do for marketing instead?

They can partner with Flavvr and enjoy free exposure to our user-base. For restaurants, it’s just offering a deal on food, but then diners will keep coming back once they fall in love.

Our job is convincing our user-base that it’s worth paying just $8.99 a month for exclusive deals to some of the best restaurants around. That job isn’t hard. In fact, most users save as much as the membership cost after just one purchase.

We were so glad that we got to be a part of the Mid-America Restaurant Expo this year and we can’t wait to go back. Learn more about the expo on its website, or explore our website and see how Flavvr can help both diners and restaurants take dining to the next level.